Advantages of competitions

Hi all,

I would like to share with you my experience with participating in a competition.

With Jiro-Ve we recently won a dutch competition called 'entrepreneurship without borders'.

I have a mixed feeling about awards and competitions because I've experienced first hand that you can get as much international reckognition and awards but if you don't get your intended beneficiaries to use/buy your product this is not of any use.

However if you actually manage do ensure the last than competitions can also have some great advantages. Just to list a few:

- Networking: we have found a potential investor of who we are in contact with now.

- Feedback: a team of experts got to look at our businessplan and has shared their feedback.

- Reckognition: our price has opened doors to other international organizations that are active in Madagscar and now give us a good change for very interesting partnerships.

If you have any experience with participating in any competition, or you know one which can be of great interest please feel free to share!

For more info on Jiro-Ve you can watch this 1,5 min movie:

or read more on my blog:




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Hoi Rik, 

I can't agree more on the benefits of winning a competition, as Nazava won the Tech Awards last year. However, we have attempted to participate in many other competitions and they can be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO time consuming! 

I really like Kevin Starr's article on Dump The Prizes, see:

Although I have to admit I became less critical after the wave of recognition that came after the Tech Awards! 

Their applications are still open (deadline May 6ht) check:


Cheers and groeten, 

Lieselotte Heederik

Rik, I completely agree. Winning awards is easier than winning customers. Plenty social-enterprises (including myself - TechAwards, Development Marketplace, Ashden, etc) have won lots of awards only to never reach break-even. When one of my ventures (BushProof) reached profitability we made a point to pay out dividends. However modest these were, it proved the point that we were truly sustainable as a social-venture. Having kept up profitability for quite a few years now, I'm actually more proud of that than all the awards we ever won. Happy customers is the best award you can ever get.

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