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Your ideas on direction of clean energy

Hi all,

just want to share that I will be joining the global philantrophy forum this year where I will discuss with other practioners ways how to increase the impact of the work we are doing in the clean energy sector.

If you want me to adress certain issues you are facing as an organization or if you have any ideas on how philontrophy can benefit you please let me know and I will make sure to represent you.

Looking forward to your input!


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Hi Rik

This is great, lets have a conversation as we've had a number of conversations with philanthropists over how they can help kick-start processes to enable commercial money to flow.

- Mitra


Hi Rik and Mitra.


We are interested in engaging with philanthropists to kick start our clean energy concept.



Thanks both for your reply,

Mitra that is great! keen on learning more about what you have done so far.

James, could you specify what your clean energy concept is about?



Dear Rik,

 Our clean energy concept is designed For low income families who aspire for, but cannot afford electricity and LPG for cooking,Our unique innovation, easy to use, instant ignition, bio ethanol fueled Bio Moto cooker is 50% cheaper,safer and healthier than traditional smoke polluting Kerosene, Charcoal and firewood cook stoves. Attractive, inspirational, durable, No smoke poisoning, similar to LPG. Fast Cooking, for everyone.

We have filed IP protection, prototyped and preliminary ISO/IWA water boiling test, safety, emissions and thermal efficiency meet Tier 4 specifications.

We are seeking $87,000 grant support,  to; 1.Complete design iterations and produce commercial quality batch cookstoves,2. ISO/IWA Tier 4 certification Tests. 3. Carry out a 12 month, 2500 cookstove validation pilot in the short term in Nairobi, Kenya.



Dear Rik, I thought we may help you here. We are promoting sustainable livelihood across clean energy cooking.We believe that if we can create jobs which are supporting clean cooking energy then it will be having long lasting impact as well as will remain sustainable ( commercially, socially and environmentally). We give our technologies ( biomass pellet pellet manufacturing small plant and biomass pellet cook stoves). We provide complete technical and business know how to these GREEN ENTREPRENEURS (GE). GE will establish the plant in his/her area and buys the biomass ( any biomass) from local poor people ( who can collect from near by areas, NO WOOD only residues of any kind- tree leaves, farm waste etc). GE will pay or do barter system to give them pellet/cash for the biomass. Biomass processed in to pellets will be sold to local commercial kitchens ( restaurants/hostel/canteens) as well as to poor households ( collecting biomass/using wood/charcoal. These pellet stoves are smokeless and highly efficient and save more than 50% in fuel costs to people who buys the wood/charcoal. For more details we can continue over email ( nibhoria@gmail.com). Warm regards, Ramesh

Dear Ramesh ,

I am also an aluminai to GSBI . My enterprise makes cookstoves and carbonised charcoal briquettes from groundunt husks . I am looking for someone who makes good machines for extruding briquettes to help me increase my production to meet the current demand. I would love to discuss further with you. My emil is ikalanybetty12@gmail.com

Thank you,


Hi Betty,

I sent the response to your mail id.



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