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Mobile for Humanity is a program developed and executed by the Frugal Innovation Lab and the Global Social Benefit Institute (GSBI) based in Santa Clara University to develop mobile solutions in social enterprises to enhance their impact. The five part course helps diagnose need areas in a social enterprise that could be addressed by a mobile solution, identify the appropriate mobile technologies to alleviate the need, and develop the selected solution. Click here to read the introduction to Mobile for Humanity

Module 1

Module 1 is focused on creating your needs document in the Design Innovation Process. Below you will find the guide to module one, a template to fill out and other resources to assist you.

Module 1 Guide

Module 1 Webinar

Module 1 Webinar Slides

Module 1 Template

Module 1 Extra Resources

Optional Pre-Reading

Module 2

This module will allow you to start the process of integrating the needs that were described in your needs document with available, viable, and appropriate mobile technology solutions. 

Module 2 Guide

Module 2 Webinar

Module 2 Webinar Slides

Module 2 Template

Module 2 Extra Resources


Module 3

This module will be a continuation of the work that you completed over the course of the previous module. The outcome for Module 3 will be a honing of your previous selections to a final specifications document.  

Module 3 Guide

Module 3 Webinar 

Module 3 Webinar Slides

Module 3 Template

Mobile Solution Architecture (Explained in Module 3 Template)

Module 3 Extra Resources 

Mobile App Development Programs


Module 4

Module 4 is focused on creating a business case that will help you decide where to invest in support of your business.  Before beginning Module 4, we advise you to watch the webinar.

Module 4 Guide

Module 4 Webinar

Module 4 Webinar Slides

Module 4 Template



Module 5

The final module of Mobile for Humanity, Module 5 is focused on the implementation and roll-out of the framework you have developed over the past four modules.

Module 5 Guide

Module 5 Webinar

Module 5 Webinar Slides

Adjoined Resource

Do you know another social enterprise that could benefit from Mobile for Humanity, but isn't a GSBI alumni? The Frugal Innovation Lab is also hosting all the materials for Mobile for Humanity in a publicly accessible space. Mobile for Humanity was created to benefit as many social enterprises as possible, so please share.

The Frugal Innovation Lab's Adjoined Mobile for Humanity


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